P1010322In the middle of the Seventies, without attending any specific school, Giancarlo Candeago begins to work as blacksmith at an artisan shop in Cortina.
After e few years he begins to work on his own, forging pieces made to order. But the increasing request of work takes him to engage some efficient workers: by now nearly twenty people work in the workshop, under the leadership of their master.
His main inspiration comes from his studies and from nature: many of his creations reproduce the most beautiful shapes of this wonderful universe.
On the other hand, Candeago looks for the perfect philological and historical consonance between the architectural shapes and the precious pieces he creates: gates (plain –armoured), stairs, gratings, banisters, fastenings, doors (plain-armoured), cowls, fire-places, tables, chairs, bookcases, beds, frames, lamps, locks, iron mongery, decorative hardware.
In a few years Candeago becomes one of the most important craftsmen in the province: he begins to get tasks and commissions from all over Italy, from Europe and America. His works become basic complements in the decoration of private houses and hotels.
His activity as wrought iron craftsman is testified by lots of publications: AD, Casa Mia, La Mia Casa, Brava Casa, Percorsi Italiani. These are some of the magazines that devoted their precious attention to his activity: in the foreground AD, Architectural Digest, that punctually publishes the iron marvels he forges.